Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chapter 24: Snake

Seirian becomes a teen. Unlike her older sisters, she takes after her mother.

Seirian is a genius, and finishes her homework quickly while her sisters struggle.

Younger brother Bryce is also a genius, and knows who to turn to for homework help.

Ryanne becomes an adult.

She graduates as valedictorian.

And freaks out at the realization that she has to move out on her own and get a job.

Tearney gives her sort-of cousin Amit Archer a congratulatory hug.

"Creep!" she hisses, pushing him away when his hand strays a little too far down her back. He laughs and she slaps him playfully on the arm. It's a ritual they've performed many times in the hallways of their school. The school he's now free from.

"So..." Tearney starts, and pauses.

"You aren't going to ask about Caren," Amit sighs.

"Everyone's talking about it," Tearney answers. "What are you going to do?"

"She's a sophmore, she can't be raising a kid. Her parents threatened to kick her out. So, when it's born, I'm taking it in. Which means I'm stuck living with my mother if I don't want to be a 24/7 babysitter."

"Are you going to get back together with Caren?"

Amit laughs, "She hates me. And even if she didn't, I'd make her hate me. Why all the questions, you've never been friends with Caren."

Tearney isn't really friends with anyone besides Maricela, the only person crazy enough to put up with Tearney's intense mood swings. "I just worry about you, Amit," she answers, "You're going to get yourself in trouble someday."

Amit demonstrates his maturity. "I'll be fine, silly," he promises.

Bryce is next to grow up into a teen.

He's both a genius and a virtuoso.

With Ryanne out of the house, Tearney replaces her sister's bed with a snake terrarium. She found a Scarlet King snake and took him for a pet.

"I'd hate to live in cage," Aymeri admonishes gently, "A wild creature should be free."

"He loves me," Tearney insists.

Seirian has been working on this formula for a long time. Finally, she's got it.

The only thing Tearney has ever expressed any fear of is ghosts. And now with her ghost formula, Seirian can finally get revenge for every nerd and geek her sister has ever picked on.

For Science!

Tearney was truly terrified for a moment, but quickly gathers herself and mocks her nerd sister for the geek she is.

Tearney becomes an adult. She had a difficult adolescence, with her dragon blood vying with her hormones for domination. She had hoped physical maturity might help quell her inner fire, but only stoked it. Now she burns with new, more pressing passions.

Challenge Notes:
Anyone following the challenge discussion thread at MTS knows that I've been having problems playing in Brooklyn Heights. Some of the problems pre-date Pets, like NPCs getting stuck in inaccessible areas in high rises, routing issues and lack of adequate housing for families. Pets then added freezing and lag that have made this neighborhood largely unplayable. It's been freezing up every few minutes. So, I'm going to have to move the legacy.
Rather than move the whole family, I decided for story reasons to just move the heir (Tearney) when she came of age. It was a difficult few Sim days of playing, dealing withh the freezes. I mostly played from a Sims 1 isometric type view, not zooming in, because I noticed the less I fiddled with the camera, the smoother the gameplay. So, that's why this chapter is a bit lean. I wasn't taking a lot of pictures.
I had intended to make Tearney's teen days more rebellious with pranks and fights, but with the lags and freezes, I really just wanted to get through every day without adding more activity.

I did break the Gen 3 Living Green rule by purchasing the snake terrarium. But, new EP, new stuff. I really wanted a snake for Tearney.

Tearney's traits are : Artistic, Brave, Rebellious, Hot Headed, Eccentric.

Reminder of Gen 4 roll: Step Children, 4 children. Primary career Ghost Hunter, secondary Crime- Evil. Generation goal is Party to Remember and Misc. Fun is Fighter.


  1. Ooh... super fun roll for Tearney. If it makes you feel any better, I'm having similar issues in Anne Arbor. :(

    I like the snake for Tea... absolutely perfect pet for her! LOL.

  2. Thank you so much for the picture of Tearney with her snake. My sisters both have a phobia of snakes and screamed when I showed it to them. <3 Made my day complete.

    Oh man... Aymeri and Allyriane really do make great kids. (Any chance of the younger two being uploaded for me? Please? :D )

  3. Nah, I don't feel better that you are having issues, Giga, I just feel bad you have to deal with it, too. It seems that the neighborhoods zoned as cities are having the worst problems.

    I was so stoked when Tea caught that snake. It's pretty rare one, one you can't just buy.
    LOL, Cece, does this make me your evil sidekick?
    And, yeah, I can upload Bryce and Seirian later today.

  4. You need to stop having such pretty Sims. xD Just stop it. I'm always so envious.

    And yeah, these glitches from the high rises are about to drive me up a wall. I'm thinking about moving mine to either AP or Riverview, so you'll definitely have to let us know if you have a ton of problems with AP as well or something.

  5. They are very beautiful sims :)

    Is it bad of me to hope you take Amit with Tearney to be her love interest? I just love his hair and he comes with a ready-made step-child...

  6. He has also followed his father's foot steps and is already at level 3 of the criminal career. ; -)

  7. Yes you are totally my evil sidekick now <3. I'll go get the spandex...

    And thank you for uploading them! Can't wait!

  8. Tearney's my favorite character so far :) I love her! She's so...fiery!

  9. The snake picture is awesome, and Tearney's beautiful. I'm sad you're going to be leaving Aymeri behind. He was one of my favorites. Also, Harris and his son. Oh, now I get it. Lol. Harris + Son = Harrison. You must have the genius trait cause that was clever. ; ) (Sorry, I'll stop with the corny jokes now.)

  10. I feel bad for any geek Tearney has picked on. =(

    And yes the snake picture is really good.