Around Town: Out takes

I take a lot of screenshots, and many never get used in the story. I've decided to post some of them in their own section. Newer pictures will be added to the top of the page as I update.

Close up of Thierry. So you can see his forehead tattoo. And because he's cute.

Some pictures of the house. I originally built this house for the Archers of Barnacle Bay. I've made a few changes to it for my own legacy. The house was built to take advantage of views from the back.

Spying on Eleanor and Thornton hanging out on their patio at night. I'm glad to see they are happy.

Now, some of the children of the Sims I added from other legacies:

Araceli Estrella, teen daughter of Aquiles and Ruby (Broke) Estrella.

Her brother Aurelio Estrella. They are triplets, but their sister Celia wasn't around for me to get a shot of.

Tobin Archer, son of Rio and Leliana Archer. He looks like an Archer, all right.

His twin sister, Annette. They have two older brothers. Damian is a teen, and he's pretty much a male version of Leliana. Julian is a child. He got black hair from nowhere. He appears as a toddler in a scene where Hawke discusses elfin magic with Rio.

Quincy Dennis, Li Feng's boyfriend. Son of Mya and Robert. He has a younger sister, Faye. Poor Li Feng is getting pushed out of the way while the grown ups in her family get all the attention. But her prom is coming up and she's hoping to get some screen time for that.

Everyone decided to come in and check out the new light fixtures.

If you leave Hawke alone for a second, he will skinny dip. Extreme skinny dip, since he's a daredevil.

Original Sun Young Kim still lives in Shang Simla. And was assigned as a paparazzi, so she stalked Hawke and Sun constantly.


Hawke and Zhenzhen walk into a bar.

Li Feng's teen angst.

Daytime pic of Tania Summerdream. I used Tina Glass, Quinn's wife from my Enmity legacy, as the base for creating her. I gave her much larger yes. The scenes with her are from an alternate save; I moved her into the Jennail Tricou house.

While Li Feng and Quincy were starting up their romance, Thornton and his ex-wife Morgana decide to get into an argument right next to them, ruining pretty much any shots I wanted to take here.

Morgana going into labor didn't exactly help. She married Alistair Theirin, and they keep popping out more kids. All girls so far.

Hawke and Sun. Her face is so cute.

Aquiles Estrella attempts to woo Sun with flowers.

And fails. Aquiles eventually went on to marry Ruby Broke and have triplets with her.

Woo! Pregnant wife! Yeah!

Random pic of Rio.

Hawke does fan service.

I am sorry I did that to you, Hawke. So very, very sorry.

Sun's ghost takes a swim.

Thierry and Amelia in the park.

Meadow and son William.

Ethan McKinley and John Burb argue over whose kid is cuter.

Pregnant Sims should avoid elevators.

New father Emilio is excited.

Woo! Library! Yeah!

Hawke practices in the laundromat.

"Kick her ass, Mya!" Robert gets excited about chess matches.

Dan Pleasant has a midlife crisis.

Seriously, Emilio has issues with elevators.

Hallelujah! It's raining men!

For my fellow Dragon Age fans:

Morrigan Disapproves -10

"So as soon as Alistair was positioned in the middle of a group of hurlocks, I cast a fireball spell. I love friendly fire."


  1. Man, you have those three nailed down to a tee!

  2. I may just have to pick up a copy of this Dragon Age thing you speak of... =)

  3. Yay Aquiles! : D Holy crap though, TRIPLETS? Man with that gene pool I sure hope at least ONE of his kids (or grandkids) makes it out of the outtakes and into the story some time. Ruby Broke is pretty. I approve.

    Fanservice. <3 You know us so well.

  4. LOl Aquiles. Poor crazy dude.

    I guess it all turned out okay in the end for him.

    ... *touches Rio's hair*

  5. Aw. This makes me miss Rob and Mya. I'm glad you integrated them into your town!

    Also, that picture of Rio is adorable.

  6. Heh. That pic of Tobin is pretty great.

    I'm glad Eleanor is happy, too. =)

  7. Seriously I just love dragon age and I live thefact that you used it. Theway of the fox sounds familiar as well, perhaps something to do with DA as well?

  8. There was a codex in DA about a bandit type character whose name was the Black Fox or something like that.
    LOL, so many Dragon Age fans here.
    But I was basing my Fox spirit stories on Asian legends of fox spirits.

  9. I never read about the black fox, but I remember there bring a female spirit (forgot their names though) who would seduce people like that. There was one in the tower of mages, she had a knight under her spell, and there was one in I believe that dreamworld as well. I'll try to see if I can find it tomorrow :) I loved zhenzhen!

  10. Yeah, the Desire Demons. Zhenzhen was kind of similarto them in how she seduced and tricked Hawke.

  11. Right! that was it !! the desire demons :D i loved them!