Thursday, October 6, 2011

Chapter 18: Wish

Allyriane didn't really want a big birthday party, but her parents insisted on inviting the 'immediate family', which is still enough people to form a crowd. Her brother and Adele came of course, as well as Li Feng and Quincy, and an assortment of Tricous, some invited and some not. Most importantly, Aymeri was there, as Allyriane somehow knew he would be. When the time comes to make the customary wish before blowing out the candles, she doesn't even pause to consider. She's known what she's wanted since his hands touched hers, giving her her last birthday's gift.

Tobin 'Don't even think about touching my hair' Archer was invited because he lives with Thierry's younger sister Laramie, and is the father of her daughter, Audrey.

Laramie Tricou, Jennail Tricou's only daughter and heir.

Li Feng, pregnant with her third child, sings 'Ping and his Checkers' to the first child she'd had a hand in raising, Tristan, now grown up and on his own.

Her relatives mill about chatting and gossiping, but Allyriane's attention belongs to one guest only. Her eyes meet his as he walks past the kitchen. He smiles at her, and then ascends the stairs.

Leaving her party behind, she follows him up the stairs, and finds him waiting for her on the balcony, looking up at the stars.

"Are you making a wish?" she asks.

"Stars don't grant wishes," he answers, "But dragons have been known to, when so inclined."

Every time he calls himself a dragon, Allyriane trembles a little. She thought she knew what dragons were from the stories she read, but now she's not so sure she knows anything about dragons at all. "When you're in the fae, you appear as a dragon? Like a great winged lizard."

"In battle certainly. I had the honor of serving as your father's mount. But I just as often appear as you see me now. It makes conversation easier, for one."

"But, what is your true form?" Allyriane asks.

"All my forms are mine," Aymeri answers. Allyriane frowns, not getting the answer she's looking for, and not knowing how to frame the question to get it. Gently, he touches her arm, takes her hand in his. His skin is warm, she thinks, warmer than a normal human. "What you are trying to ask is if when I am in this form, do I think like a man, feel as a man does? The answer is yes, I do. Very much so."

"How do you know my mind better than I do?" Allyriane asks.

"You ask a question you already know the answer to; your heart speaks to mine."

His words send her heart racing. "Then you know what I wished for?"

"I do," he answers.

Allyriane doesn't wait for her wish to be granted, she takes it for herself, leaning in to kiss him.

He follows her gentle first kiss with his own, deep and passionate.

"How long can you stay here with me?" Allyriane asks, her voice barely a whisper.

"How long do you wish me to stay?"

"Always," she answers, "But I know you will have to leave me, to fight your war."

"This war is never ending, Lyri, you had the right of that. As long as things here in the mundane world continue as they are, the fae will be at war with itself. Your father always knew that, and often despaired at the futility of our cause. I love my homeland, but I cannot save it, not from within. So I pledge myself to you, now, and take up your cause. If you will have me, I will stay with you, always."

Challenge Notes:
Generation 4 begins here. A reminder of the roll:
Couple, 4 kids. Primary career is Political. Secondary is Job Hopper: Music/None/Author/Busker/Freelance Science/None/Mixologist/Busker/Farmer/Farmer
Goal is living green and Misc Fun is Tattoo addict.


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    Your pictures are lovely, as always.

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