Around Town: Out Takes Gen 3 & 4

Here are out take pictures from Generations 3 and 4:


Cinder the iguana

Crimson, the San Francisco Garter snake

Frenzy has the Skittish trait, and freaks out about everything

 Cyndi Lauper moved into my town.

Here's a pic of Kelsey's 1st tattoo. Aimee Fox threw a party, but no one was there. Not even the rest of her family. It wasn't interesting enough to include in the chapter. But it'd the only time Kelsey showd her tattoo. Aimee is Evil and a Kleptomaniac, so it's not surprising that she's in the crime career. The rest of the fox kids went into politics like their mother.

Frenzy and Rowley. Frenzy will be an elder soon.

Aiden does the French cheek kiss greeting on Dakota. Way to embarrass your daughter, Aiden.

I changed the default AP saloon/div bar to a hangout/game arcade.
 Frenzy with a raccoon.

 Just a nice family pic.

Layout of the house. This was taken when Rory was a toddler and Jcy and Jinx were babies. Tennyson's room is the one to the right of the nursery, and Kelsey's is on the left. The big empty room later became a bedroom for Rory, Jacy and Jinx. After Tennyson moved out, Jinx took her room.

Frenzy sleeping on a chair.
 I toughed it out in the criminal career long enough for Aiden to make henchmen, the first level after choosing the Evil path. The only reason he made any real progress in this career is from getting job opportunities that raised job performance. The glitch I was experiencing robbed him of several hours of work progress every night.

Another reason to quit the crime career was this cat. Every morning sh'd come in and wake Aiden up. Since he wasn't getting out of work until 3am, he wasn't getting a single night's sleep. My husband found this funny, as our cat does this ti him all the time.

 Aiden breaks the fourth wall and attempts to flirt with me. Seriously, no one else is home right now.

Frenzy and one of the Lionhart cats. I can't tell where one ends and the other begins.

Synchronized route fail.

Begin Kitty Spam:

End Kitty Spam.

 Some interior shots of the house. Tearney's favorite color is black, and Aiden's is white. I went for more of a Southwest than Midwest feel for this house.

Neurotic Sim freak out. 

 Aiden singing his French song in the shower. Both he and Tearney have the French Culture Trait and frequently bust out the French tunes. Aiden also has Rocker (Jennail Tricou was in the music career. She wasn't high enough in the career when Thierry was born to pass the trait on to him, but Laramie got it, and passed it to her son.) He's also got Burglar from his father, the master thief.

Th ghost of Jasper Remington with dog Buckley Bedlington. Jasper came over along with his house, Remington's Ruse, which I stole from Riverview and placed in this town, transforming it into an 'hotel' with an a lounge bar (zoned as exclusive lounge). He and one of the local ghosts, a Riffin, I believe, are daywalkers. I could probably fix that by resetting them, but they both flit around town visiting the community lots, and I like seeing where they turn up, so I'm letting them be for now.

Aymeri plays with a stray cat.

How many Archers can you spot in this picture? Hint: All of them , except the woman on the far left that is cut off.
L to R: Audrey Archer (daughter of Laramie and Tobin. Currently pregnant with Doyle Burb's child. Doyle is the son of Gvaudoin Tricou.) Hilary Wilder, daughter of Julian Wilder, the elderly man in the center. Julian is Rio and Leliana's second child. He married Shavon Wilder, the illegitimate daughter of Morrigan Wilder and Fricorith Tricou. Amit Archer in graduation robes. Son of Tobin and Laramie. And finall, Tobin and Laramie in the distance on the far right.

Foreshadowing. I was going to do a scene here, but Amit had to go run off and be a criminal, and all I got was this lousy photo. Actually, I like this photo, which is why I'm posting it, even though it didn't make it into the story.

For Becky, here's Amit Archer, a teen, with one of his romantic interests. I get SP pop ups nearly every day telling me of some new flirt of his. He's got Tobin's hair and eye color, but the rest is from Laramie.

And speaking of Tobin and Laramie, here they are making a dramatic entrance. Laramie has the French culture trait, and frequently breaks into song.

Random childhood pic of Seirian and Tearney. I often wonder why some kids always do the preside over royal court thing autonomously, and others never do it. If I leave Seirian alone for a second, she's spinning into this outfit and standing on a chair. Sometimes I think this ep should be called Generations: Moar Laundry. Because everything they do ends up creating a clothes pile.

Grim appears on the other side of the wall.

Tobin seems happy with the bride SP chose for him.

She's the only one who listens to his ghost stories.

Dragon fish. I put the spawner in my Chinese garden lot pond.

Yes, the hot tub is evil. If I leave anyone alone for a second, they are stripping down and skinny dipping. I might have to invest in some curtains, lol.

"Is that a dragon in your pants, or are you just happy to see me?"

Maybe not the best location for that tattoo.

Tobin and son, Amit. Way to be stealthy, Tobin.

"Psst! Hey, kid! C'mere"
Toddler sized gnome is creepy.

Gvaudoin and Quincy skinny dip at Allyriane and Aymeri's wedding party.

"Oh, am I in the way of your picture?"

Tobin Archer in his 'swimsuit'.

Hawke's ghost approves of the new bar.

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