Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chapter 17: Seed of Magic

Allyriane gets up at dawn to tend to her garden before school. Aymeri told her she would not be able to plant the magic seed he'd given her until her gardening skill had improved, and there's no better way to improve than practice.

"Cars are the worst thing that ever happened to our planet," Allyriane says, refusing her mother's offer to teach her to drive, "Not only do they spill filth into our air, the petroleum industry that cars support is destroying the ocean and the land."

Amelia tries not to roll her eyes, wanting to be supportive of her daughter's new interest in the environment. But living with a fanatic can be trying. "You don't have to drive. But it's a long bike ride from here down to the city."

"I'm not going to destroy the planet just because it's more convenient," Alllyriane answers, "That's the attitude that's killing the environment."

Amelia shakes her head and starts to walk away, telling herself that at least her daughter isn't staying out late and egging people's houses like some other teens do.

"Mom, wait," Allyriane calls her back, "I've been looking into solar panels for the house. And a wind turbine."

Amelia gives into Allyriane's request to make their energy consumption greener.

Hawke visits Li Feng and his grandson Trey. Eleanor died the day before, and Hawke knows his own time is short.

Thierry returns to console his grieving wife. His father also passed this week, but he was too thick in battle to mourn the old man properly. It's only when he returns to the peace of Brooklyn Heights that he sees how much time passes, and how much he misses, while he's away.

Grim comes for Hawke that evening. Hawke goes without protest, hoping to be reunited with Sun, and to finally learn what became of his sister Phoenix.

The family builds a small mausoleum on their property to house the urns.

The school sends Allyriane to the Landgraab Marine Science facility on a research project. She enters the building hoping to learn more about the ocean's ecosystem. In school, they teach that Science is objective, that it is the search for truth. What she learns is that, whatever noble ideal Science might be, scientists are people, with personal beliefs and agendas, and that the scientists at the Landgraab Marine Science facility have a vested interest in discovering only truths that are in line with the interests of their corporate sponsors.

Allyriane joined the debate club hoping to use it to raise environmental consciousness. With great persistence, she got them to schedule a debate on global warming. On the day before the debate, she practices her arguments in front of the mirror. She has the facts, and she has her passion. Neither are winning her any friends in the school, but there is much more at stake than her high school popularity.

Thierry surprises Amelia by appearing in her bedroom. "I'm home," he says, pulling her into his arms.

"Home?" she asks quietly, not daring to hope, "You mean...?"

"Yes," he says, beaming, "I'm here to stay."

Thierry's return is just in time for Tristan and Adele's shared birthday.

Tristan becomes an adult.

Followed by Adele. The young couple move out together that evening, and wed the next morning.

When she isn't busy crusading for her cause, Allyriane enjoys spending time in the park, picnic by the pond, surrounded by trees and flowers, with a view of the vast ocean below. Her father has returned to live with them again, but his war in the fae is far from over. As she eats her solitary lunch, she thinks about Aymeri the dragon, wonders how he fares in his battle, and worries for him. She wishes she could see him again, and tell him about her work here on his behalf. She closes her eyes so as to better picture him in her mind, his beautiful hair, his green eyes, his hands touching hers when he passed along his birthday gift. Though she's alone, she blushes deeply, her wandering mind taking her to places she was not quite prepared to visit.

"I am here," he says, appearing beside her, just like that.

"Oh," Allyriane breathes in surprises, "But, how...?"

"You summoned me?" Aymeri looks at her expectantly.

"I did?" Allyriane asks, "I mean, I was thinking of you, but..." She blushes again, afraid he might be able to read her thoughts.

The dragon's brow furrows, "I heard your call. Did you have need of me?"

Allyriane blushes deeply again, her young body flooding with hormones that whisper their need to her. "I just...I wanted to tell you...we got solar panels." She deflates, feeling foolish, then perks herself back up, "It's just a start, I know, what I've done is just a drop in the bucket. But I'm going to keep working on it, I'm going get others to change the way they live, and we'll stop the poisoning of this world, and yours, so you won't have to fight anymore."

Aymeri cocks his head to the side, "I don't understand."

"We are the cause of your war, we humans, poisoning the environment. If we can stop that here, your war ends, doesn't it?"

"Yes, but you cannot change human nature. They will ever be as they are, and our battle will never be done until you have destroyed us all," Aymeri answers grimly.

"I don't believe that," Allyriane says, her chin thrust out defiantly, "I changed."

She looks up into his eyes, daring him to contradict her. "You are you father's daughter," he says with a smile. "Since I am here, I should pay my old friend a visit."

"Wait," she says as he gets up to leave, "The seed you gave me. How will I know when I'm ready to plant it?"

"When you feel its heat," he answers.

Aymeri follows Allyriane back to the house, to find Thierry in the hot tub.

"It's like having a hot springs in your backyard," Thierry explains to his dragon friend, inviting him to join him, "What brings you to the mundane world, my friend?"

"Your daughter summoned me," Aymeri answers, "Did you teach her the call?"

Thierry shakes his head, "That would be your decision to make What did she want?"

"To tell me about solar panels," Aymeri answers, "It seems she did not call on purpose; she was surprised when I answered. If you did not teach her, then the call came from her heart, and flew straight to mine."

Aymeri dosn't have to say more, Thierry knows the tales about dragons and young maidens, "You won't take her from me," he says, his voice hard.

"Take her to our embattled homeland? I wouldn't do that to her. Or to you, my lord and my dearest friend."


Aymeri shakes his head, "I don't know. Allyriane says she can change human nature, and I believe in her. Maybe it is also possible for ancient dragons to try a new path."

At dawn the next morning, Allyriane takes the magic seed in her hand, feels a new heat radiating from it. At last, she's ready to plant it.

Challenge Notes:
Yay, Thierry's back. I moved him back in as soon as Allyriane reached 7 days into her teen stage.
So, in the story, he doesn't age while in the fae.  In the game, I didn't want to just halt his aging completely, because that would have him coming back at the start of the YA stage. That would not only feel a little cheaty, but it's also not something I want. So, to keep in line with the story, I pulled his age down a bit so he moved in as a YA with a few days left before reaching Adult. Amelia became and adult several days earlier.
As I mentioned in previous notes, Thierry's time 'in the fae' was lived in his mother's house. During that time, he took a job in Business and got up to Power Broker. While the rules would allow him to keep that job, I had him quit, as it didn't quite fit the story. And the family is not hurting for money.
Amelia has achieved her LTW, having maxed her Logic and Athletic skills. She's reached the top of the military career, as well.
Thierry's LTW is to max guitar and charisma. He came back into the house with high guitar skill, because SP pushed him to busk frequently. His charisma is at 6, so I have a good chance of achieving his LTW, too.

Allyriane will age up very soon, so I'm currently making sure to buy everything I will need for her generation before the restrictions on Buy mode set in. Like enough beds for the 4 children she rolled.

In case anyone is wondering, the solar panels and wind turbine are from the free Toyota Prius Eco pack at the EA store. Each solar panel reduces your bills by 0.02%, and you can have a max of 10. I placed 8.


  1. I've always wondered if those panels actually did anything, but was far too lazy/forgetful to research it. The more you know!

    And I love that Thierry is back... and I'm excited for the start of Ally's generation.

  2. Aymeri you can take this maiden anywhere...

    *cough* sorry. Don't know what happened there. Seems Aymeri's sexiness overwhelmed me. Stupid dragon.

    Allyriane is such a cute character. I hope she ends up happy. Can't wait to see her garden. (and her kids)

  3. I'm sad Hawke's gone, but glad Thierry's back. Also, I love what you've been doing with Allyriane so far and can't wait to see how things go between her and Aymeri. <3

  4. Yay, welcome back Thierry

    I really like Allyriane and the prospect of a relationship with Aymeri

  5. YAY Thierry, and Dragon. Mega cool! But rather sad to see our hawke leaving us.

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    Where'd you get Aymeri's genetics anyway? He seems familiar.

  7. Thanks, guys!
    I love dragons.
    You have to use move objects to put the solar panels on the roof.
    And Aymeri is a clone of Wolf Roman from the last legacy. Slightly altered. He was too pretty to leave sitting in the bin. Also, his face is very long in the profile, which I guess is sort of dragon like, lol.

  8. Indeed it is. And Wolf was very pretty, I agree. <3

    *mourns Eleanor*

  9. I love Aymeri. You're right; he's much too pretty to just sit in the bin. The dragon angle is very creative also.

    R.I.P Hawke. I'll miss you. : (

  10. Cece, I agree wholeheartedly. And if anyone has noticed, heaven is not a fan of long hair on boys. But Aymeri changed my mind. :D