Who Lives in Brooklyn Heights

Brooklyn Heights , a custom world by My Sim Realty, comes unpopulated. Before moving my legacy Sims into their apartment, I added some custom families of my own. As a long time Sims player, I'm fond of some of the recurring families in the various Sims games, and decided to recreate some of the Sims 2 Pleasantview families to start with (I did not always adhere strictly to canon while doing this, nor did I try to exactly replicate their looks.) I also used some clones of Sims from other random legacies, took families from other Sims 3 neighborhoods and in one case created a group of Sims based on another game entirely. Below is an alphabetical list of the families who live in my Brooklyn Heights at the start of the legacy.

Archer family,  from the R&R Legacy. Rio Archer is a YA who came to Brooklyn Heights to pursue a career in music.

The Atkins family, from Sims 3 Bridgeport. Sisters Violet and Hyacinth, Violet's son Ryan and his teen son Jett. Jett has been altered in CAS. In Bridgeport, Violet and Hyacinth are raising Jett on their own, but while I had them active, I noticed that Jett had a father, Ryan, who was a homeless NPC in Bridgeport. Ryan dislikes children (but has the LTW to raise 5 children) and has a poor relationship with his mother. He's a distant friend of his son. I moved him into the household before transfrerring them to Brooklyn Heights, and now they all live together.

The Broke family, from Sims 2 Pleasantview (and Sims 3 Riverview). Skip and Brandi Broke with their teen son Dustin and toddler son Beau. Of course in Sims 2, Brandi starts out as a widow, her husband Skip having had a 'suspicious pool ladder accident'. Very shortly after playing her, Brandi discovers she's pregnant with a third child. I went off canon here by keeping Skip alive. And I gave him the Hydrophobic trait. Although there is a Skip Broke in Sims Riverview, I made this Skip from a clone of his cousin Trigger, who looked more like the Skip I wanted than the actual Skip. I made Brandi myself and then their sons by playing with their genetics in CAS.

The Broke family, 2 (Sims 3 Riverview): Ruby Broke and her toddler daughter, Diamond. There is no mention of siblings in Skip Broke's family tree in Sims 2. In Sims 3 Riverview, he has an older sister named Ruby. I decided to include her in Brooklyn Heights. But here she's actually younger than Skip (both are YA, but Skip is some 15 days into that stage, while Ruby is only 5 days in) Her daughter Diamond was made from a clone of Ruby, slightly altered.

The Burb family (Sims 2 Pleasantview): John and Jennifer Burb, and their daughter Lucy. Jennifer is Daniel Pleasant's younger sister. Instead of her normal brown eyes, I gave Jennifer green eyes, just so she'd have something in common with her brother.

The Dragon Age characters family: Based on the 3 human romance options in your party in Dragon Age: Origins. Alistair Theirin, Morrigan Wilder and Leliana Nightingale. Alistair came with a last name, I had to make them up for the ladies. Morrigan was made using Bridgeport's Morrigan Hemlock. Alistair sports a griffon tattoo on his shield arm. Griffons!

The Dennis family, from The Dennis Legacy: Mya and Robert Dennis. The most inappropriate couple in Twinbrook are making a home in Brooklyn Heights.

The Dreamer family (Sims 2 Pleasantview): Widower Darren Dreamer and his teen son, Dirk. Darren will be happy to discover that a painting is actually a lucrative career in Sims 3.

The Estrella family, from The Starr Legacy: Aquiles Estrella is just thrilled to be living in a town with no vampires. Heck, he's just thrilled to be alive.

The Goth family (every Sims game ever? I've modeled this family after the Sims 2 Pleasantview version): Elder Mortimer Goth, his YA daughter Cassandra and child son Alexander. Where's Bella? Not here. In Sims 2, Cassandra ships engaged to Don Lothario. I decided to go with my canon story here, and made Cassandra and Don ex-lovers. I also pollinated Cassandra with Don's child. Mortimer is made from a clone of Sunset Valley Mortimer. Alexander is made from a clone of a son Mortimer had in my Sunset Valley game. Cassandra is made from a clone of Regina Goth, the daughter of the man Alex was cloned from. Regina featured heavily in my first random legacy, set in Sunset Valley.

The Hamming/Caliente family, (Sims 3 Bridgeport, Sims 2 Pleasantview, Sims 3 Barnacle Bay): Matthew Hamming and his young wife, Dina, her sister Nina Caliente and their friend Luisa Libros. So I went way off canon with this one. When I first got LN, I imported my Caliente sisters and friend Luisa from Barnacle Bay into Bridgeport (all three altered heavily in CAS). Dina pursued acting, Nina was in a band (sort of, mostly she pursued woohoo in elevators) and Luisa was in journalism. Dina eventually married movie star Matthew Hamming. And then I dropped that neighborhood to start my McDermott legacy. When recreating the Pleasantview familis her, I decided to just import them as I left them in Bridgeport, with Matthew and Luisa.

The Landgraab family (again, ubiquitous in Sims games): Malcolm Landgraab and his wife Hannelore and son Adrien. I intended to recreate my Malcolm Landgraab IV from Sims 2 Bluewater, with his wife Cherry and daughter Mallory, but while I was looking on the Sims wikia for his zodiac info, I discovered that in Sims 3 for console, there's a Malcolm with a wife named Hannelore. Which is a far cooler name than Cherry. So I went with that version. Malcolm is made from a clone of Donovan Landgraab from my Sunset Valley, a descendant of that Malcolm Landgraab. Hannelore is a clone of Quinnell Enmity from my Enmity legacy.

The Langerak family (Sims 2 Pleasantview, Sims 3 Sunset Valley): Kaylynn and her brother Parker. In Sims 2 Kaylynn was an NPC maid. She had no relatives. In Sims 3, she's a child, and has a brother, Parker. This Kaylynn is a clone of SV Kaylynn. Her brother Parker is a clone of a Langerak descendant I have in my bin. Because he got added in last minute, and I didn't feel like loading SV to clone him.

The Lothario family (Sims 2 Pleasantview, Sims 3 Riverview): Don Lothario. Cloned from Riverview's version. Currently stalking ex-girlfriend Cassandra Goth.

The McKinley family (from The McKinley Clan legacy): Beatrix, Ethan and daughter Skyler. In the McKinley legacy, Beatrix and Ethan have a son Skylar. But I already had 3 male toddlers and at the time only one female, so I gave them a daughter.  Also, I let them be married. And Ethan is not a vampire.

The Pleasant family (Sims 2 Pleasantview): Daniel and Mary Sue Pleasant, with teen twins Angela and Lilith. Daniel and Mary Sue have a crappy relationship with each other and with their daughters, who in turn hate each other. They are the only family that I've changed relationship status to recreate their troubled situation in Sims 2. I didn't preset the twins as going steady with Dustin Broke (Angela) and Dirk Dreamer (Lilith) as I want to see what SP does with them.

The Striker family (Sims 3 Bridgeport) Richie, Stella and son Sebastian. All heavily altered in CAS before importing.

The Tricou family (Sims 2 Downtown): In Sims 2, the Tricous are all dead. The graves of all the adults can be found in the Gothier Greens Cemetery, and the graves of the two teens (along with the grave of an unrelated teen) can be found in the House of the Fallen Trees. Elders Jennicor and Jon Smith Tricou, their daughter Nylissit and her husband Kiernan, and their daughter Gvaudoin. I placed Jennicor's other daughter and family into their own house, see below. In Sims 2, Gvaudoin and her cousin Fricorith are teens, but I made them children here because I already had 6 teens and only two children in the neighborhood. I did not attempt to recreate Jon Smith Tricou's 6 bastard children, who in Sims 2 were all teen downtownies.

The Tricou family, 2: Jennail, her husband Kvornan, and their son, Fricorith. I did my best to recreate Jennail's tattoos. In Sims 2, she had tattoos on her collarbone, the best I could do was place one between her breasts. The sun tattoo on her hand however is very similar to the S2 version. Luckily for Fricorith and his cousin Gvaudoin, kids in Sims don't get beaten up for having weird names. And weird parents.

The Wolff family (Sims 3 Sunset Valley): Morgana's marriage to Thornton Wolff got off to a rocky start. He hates children, and she wants to raise five of them. After the birth of their daughter Meredith, their marriage ended. Morgana got the house, and custody of the child. She's also taken in a foster child, teen Meadow Thayer (A Sims 2 townie teen), who is a great help in taking care of little Meredith while Morgana pursues her career in medicine. My Morgana is actually made from a clone of Morgana's daughter Bridgette from my Sunset Valley game. She closely resembled her mother.

The Wolff family, 2: Thornton Wolff. After his divorce from Morgana, Thornton lives happily alone in a penthouse apartment in the city. He'd like to marry again someday, but only to a woman who doesn't want kids. Thornton was made from a clone of Max Wolff, a son of Thornton's from my Sunset Valley game. That son was not with Morgana.


  1. Aaaaah! I'm so excited for this! I'm planning on making a similar page for my Neverglade origin families but you just kicked my ass (again). I love how unique each family is. You're so creative when it comes to sims.

    And can I just say your Thornton is 100 times more awesome then Sunset Valley Thornton? He's spectacular!

  2. I cannot effing wait to see where this goes! I absolutely adore all of the families you integrated and their backgrounds are fantastic. I also am excited to see some families from Sims 2 (event though they are in TS3, but I like your interpretation better) getting some love. I'm fully prepared for the nostalgia-bomb of seeing them milling around city.

    You did great! And did I mention I can't wait? Seriously, update tomorrow; because I demand it. ; )

  3. Lol... that picture of Rio is awesome. I'm also glad Aquiles is alive here.

    And I always loved Jett's hair.

    John Burb looks so innocent in that picture...

    Etc etc. I'm sure you'll have lots of fun with this town. =)

  4. Wow, that certainly is a lot of work you put into this! I can't wait to see what plots you've thought up of for them all!
    I love the fact you've brought some old simmies in, they deserve to be remembered.

    I'm so glad you're keeping the Archers in here

  5. Thanks, you guys!
    I'm really excited to be starting this legacy. I'm hoping I can get an actual chapter up on Sunday. Or Monday at the latest.
    If anyone wants any of these neighborhood Sims (the ones that aren't from other legacies, lol) do feel free to ask. I'll be posting the Dragon Age ones, as Maddie wanted them.

  6. Wow, that is quite a line up!! It will be very fun to see these characters running around Brooklyn Heights!

    Great job with the bios, and I'm really looking forward to the start of this legacy!

  7. Amazing Melissa. Really amazing. I would never have had the patience and ambition to create such detailed Sims. And I love the characters you chose to include from TS2. Those are some of my all time favorites (I <3 Meadow).

    Did you mean it about uploading some of your creations? Because I would love to have a few of them for my town and my bin. If you don't mind, could you upload the Dreamers, Meadow Thayer, and Thornton Wolff? Unfortunately, I'll probably only add the Dreamers to my town at first, but I would love to introduce Meadow and Thornton down the road. (If that is too many to ask for, I apologize. I was only going to ask for one of them, but then I couldn't decide which one I liked the best. Lol.)

  8. Thanks!
    I did mean it, Colleen. I will get the Dreamers, Meadow and Thornton up today. And don't hesitate to ask for anyone you want. I usually only post them if people ask for them, so do ask if you want them.

  9. Thanks Melissa! I hate to bother people for their sims, but I'm glad you don't mind. I'm excited to see them in game.

    I love your legacy's title, btw. Very clever. :)

  10. No problem at all, I just posted them to the thread and blog.
    And thanks! I was afraid my title might be a little silly.
    My first Sims story site ever, for Sims 1, was called California Simmin', and after a month of it I wished I'd thought of something better, lol.