Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Chapter 22: Nasty Politics

The death of mayor Adrien Landgraab meant that Brooklyn Heights had to hold a special election to choose a new mayor. Allyriane hosts her first campaign fundraising party hoping to win the seat.

She's surprised when her major rival, Harris Landgraab, the son of the previous mayor, shows up at her fundraiser. Surely he isn't  here to contribute to her campaign.

Harris's reasons for being here are much more nefarious and sneaky.

The son of the popular former mayor, and grandson of Malcolm Landgraab, former leader of the free world, Harris is a shoe in for this election. And when he finally seizes control of the city, he'll build nuclear power plants. Take that, do-gooder hippies!

Unaware of his evil schemes, Allyriane discusses the upcoming election with her rival. A true believer in fair play and clean politics, it would never occur to Allyriane that Harris has any other motivation for running for office than wanting to do the best he can to improve Brooklyn Heights.

Late at night, Tearney is robbed of her candy by a ghost.

The terrifying encounter scars her for life.

Aymeri responds to the distress cries of his daughter. With the small vocabulary she has at her disposal, Tearney tries to relate her harrowing experience.

"Ghosts can't hurt you, little dragon," her father assures her as he tucks her into her crib.

Ryanne becomes a child.

Allyriane and Aymeri are expecting their third.

Election day. Allyriane Roman  is the new mayor of Brooklyn Heights. Harris Landgraab studies himself in the mirror, wondering what went wrong. His family has been on somewhat of a downward slide. His grandfather, Malcolm, had been Leader of the Free World, but his father Adrien never rose above the mayoral rank. And now Harris is stuck in the position of Local Representative, when by rights, the whole city should be his to rule with an iron fist.

It's not right, Harris decides. He's the scion of his family, the most perfect Landgraab to ever bear the name, and he's going to make the city, the whole world, recognize that.

In the afternoons after he's finished tending his garden, Aymeri likes to visit the park and play his guitar. He's surprised when people start tossing money in his guitar case.

Another girl for Allyriane and Aymeri. This one is called Seirian.

Ryanne made a wish to see a ghost, and she couldn't help but feel guilty when that wished was fulfilled by the sudden death of Marisela Hamming in the park.

Seirian becomes a toddler.

Tearney has a hard time learning to share her parents' attention with the new baby.

When Tearney becomes a child she has to learn to share a bedroom with older sister Ryanne.

Pregnant for the fourth time, Allyriane is preparing for the gubernatorial election. Harris Landgraab is running against her, and his campaign has been suggesting that her pregnancy and large family will be a distraction, that she couldn't possibly run a state government with so many babies to raise.

"I don't understand why anyone would say such horrible things," Allyriane complains. The nastiness of politics hasn't quite sunk in with her yet.

The fourth child is a boy, Bryce.

Amelia wanted five grandchildren, and managed to live long enough to see them all born. Shortly after Bryce's birth, she passed away.

Bryce becomes a toddler.

Challenge Notes.
So many babies! Gah! Well, that's the four I'm required to have.

Aymeri's next career will be Freelance Scientist. He doesn't have the traits for any of the computer parts of the job. If he does anything at all for this career, it will be space rock collecting. But he's more focused on the gardening that any of his rolled careers, so he at most spends a few hours in the afternoon at them.

Tearney's ghostly encounter will no doubt play a factor in her future career as a ghost hunter. Sims that die of Mummy's Curse end up with the evil trait as a ghost, which is why Sun's ghost did the candy stealing interaction. LOL, I've been so jealous of Becky because the ghosts in her family interact with toddlers and mine never do. So, I finally get a ghost to toddler interaction, and it's this one.

Harris Landgraab is Evil. Maybe that's obvious.


  1. Really? Harris is evil? I never would have got that! : P

    Can I just say that Aymeri has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen? I mean I notice them every time but especially in that last photo... <3. I'm glad he got a boy... I feel sorry for Bryce already though. THREE older sisters? Poor kid's got no chance in heck of coming out manly.

    Seirian is really beautiful. I was right! Allyriane and Aymeri make beautiful babies!

    Sad to see Amelia go < / 3.

  2. Such. Pretty. SPAWN. <333 I'm always in love with the babies that your heirs produce, haha. Mine always feel terribly hideous in comparison. 8B

  3. Lol... only one redhead.

    The evil trait thing weirded me out, and that's why I had my three mummy-related-death ghosts go by drowning and fire.

    Aymeri and Tearney are adorable together.

    RIP Amelia. =(

    Soo. Is Amit a child yet? ;)

  4. I use these great multi-hued eye default replacements.I get the prettiest greens with them.
    I have got a nice crop of pretty spawn. But only the one redhead. So, picking Tearney as heir turned out to be the right thing to do.

    I love the way the mummy-curse death ghosts look. I never imagined her evil trait would actually mean anything, since the ghosts all do pretty much the same stuff. But then she stole candy from a baby, lol.

    Amit is a child now, yes. I'll track him down and get a picture next time I play.

  5. I never realised sims who got killed by the mummy curse got the evil trait as ghosts

  6. I'm starting to get this feeling like you have a thing for orange/red heads. :P

    And yay for babies! Tearney is my favorite so far, but we'll see when Bryce and Seirian grow up :)

  7. LOL, Maddie, I've never tried to hide my thing for redheads.

  8. I feel like Allyriane is always pregnant! Poor thing! Yeah, 4 kids is a lot. They're all beautiful though.

    Harris Langraab is one handsome politician! He'd have my vote. ; ) You may like redheads, but I have a thing for blondes. Sheridan anyone? :D

  9. Double post. Sorry.

    I'm wondering if there is a connection between Harris and your criminal, evil roll. Probably not, as he's a bit old for Tearney, and he's in politics. But maybe if he has a son? He'd make for one fine baby daddy though! : )

  10. Allyriane would have more if she could. She still keeps rolling more have baby wishes. But since I named Tearney heir, I wanted to get the last two out quickly so Tearney won't have to have younger siblings around for too long after her gen starts. Tearney rolled for four kids, too, though with Step Parent so at least one will not be hers.

    And yeah <3 Harris Landgraab. I think what I love about him is he is so perfectly gorgeous, and he's an evil politician. He's also a Hopeless Romantic, lol. If you want him Colleen, I'd be happy to post a clone. I'm sure he'd love to take over your neighborhood and rule it with his iron fist.

  11. Ah, yeah, Harris is a bit old for Tearney.
    So far SP hasn't done much for Harris in the romance department. He's made lots of enemies, though. I've noticed SP does that to Evil trait Sims.
    I have plans for Harris I won't spoil here, but rest assured I'm not letting his genes die out.

  12. Would you mind uploading him? I would love to have an evil Langraab in my neighborhood, especially one as handsome as him. :)

  13. Omg I love how you have a politician character namd Harris...we now have something in common. Except yours is a lot cooler, of course. I'm so excited for Tearney's gen!

  14. So after reading Cece's blog first (sue me alright) I recognize that fourth and, even as a toddler, am casting death ray vision this way. It will be interesting to see his upbringing as an after-the-fact. And the two oldest girls look nearly identical!

  15. Honestly, even though Cece's Bryce was a clone of mine, I don't see him as at all related to my story. They aren't the same person.