Around Town: Out Takes Gen 5 & 6

Here are out Take pics for Generations 5 & 6:

I haz a dog gnome. Two actually.

Joffrey's unique painting technique. When he was done, he was stuck behind the easel and I had to move it to free him.

Joffrey's four tattoos so far (for Tattoo Addict). I had a weird glitch with the fourth tattoo. It was fine during the trip to Egypt, but it disappeared when we returned home. So, I'll reapply it when I add his next tat.

Tearney gives Sage a scare.

"Excuse me, I don't do fan service"
Yes you do, Joff.

First autonomous action on arrival in Al Simhara.

Yeah, I see you have routing issues.

Sage and Joffrey's travel tips: Shower in a Can.

Travel Tips 2: Fireproof sleeping bags.

Travel Tips 3: Stock up on mummy snacks.

The opposite of fan service. Seriously, no one wants to see that.

Sage tries not to think about where Joff's tongue has been.

Aiden being helpful.

Yeah, I can live without the Rocker trait now.

"Oh, hai!" Dread Pirate Melvin Whipsnake walks into my shot.

Scout and Rowley goofing around.

Tearney's ghost sculpting a topiary.

Scout does not approve of ghosts with chainsaws.

So, Traveler mod allows residents of the homeworld to be tourists, I guess. On this whole trip, I never saw a tourist from Egypt or China, just my neighbors. Jeremy is waving to his sister Sadie. And there's Ke;vin Marsgall from across the street, and Jacy Bowman at the fridge. I had to void getting any of them in shots for the story.

 Ghost Frenzy. I've heard pets get red ghosts when they die in a bad mood. Frenzy was in mourning for Tearney when she died.

Sliding. I removed the bunny pool from the public pool, and extended the sandy playground area in its place, adding water slides.

 Nightmare fuel for the snakeophobic.

Jinx threw a party and invited Kelsey. I thought it would make a great scene for the story. Alsas, no, the most exciting event at the party was a dirty diaper.

 Jinx's daughter Marlena.

 Jinx spent most of the party preparing Mac and Cheese, then eating Mac n Cheese. After that she had to take care of her bladder issues. It was way late by then, and Kelsey and Chayton were tired. I realised I was getting nothing for the story here so just sent them home without even talking to Jinx. There were no other guests. Even Jinx's husband Ted and child age son Kenyon were not there.

 Playing with Scout.


Besides dragging Rickieto the party, Aimees also brought her dogs. One of them started tearig up my rugs, I had to ask her to leave.

Frenzy and Sage.

Kelsey's hand puppets.

Grim cleans the terrarium.

An Ancient Dragon Kelsey caught. I named him Dumat. (That's a Dragon Age reference, for those who don't know)

 Kelsey's first reaction to meeting Chayton.

Rowley is a bit of a fatty.

 Aimee's toddler daughter Whitney.  The parenting fail is immediately obvious here.

Chaton the falcon. Honestly, birds creep me out, always have.

 Rowley falls in the pond while fishing.

Aiden and Logan playing dolls.

This time the burglar makes it inside before Tearney can get downstairs to fight her. The alarm goes off and the cop takes care of it

Kelsey shows us her inner dragon.

 Now that I've sen the Rocker trait in action...I'm not impressed.

Frenzy and Rowley watch the bugs.

Lukas squirms while getting inked. 

 Lukas demonstrates the new act like a horse insane idle.

Aiden waits patiently for his grandson to be old enough to play doll house with him.

Aiden teaches Woody, the African Grey Parrot, the lyrics to 'Sympathy for the Devil'

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