Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chapter 32: Just to See the Ocean

Logan becomes a toddler. Though she had wanted to wait before she had children, now that she has him, Kelsey dotes on her young son.

But her early unexpected motherhood hasn't dimmed her desire to experience life and see a bit of the world. So Kelsey takes a few days to go off on her own and Redwood Harbor, a small coastal town, leaving Logan in the care of her elderly parents.

"The ocean, the mother of all life," a voice, deep, rich and masculine, say behind her, "It''s beautiful, isn't it?"

Kelsey rises ad turns to face the speaker, "I've never seen the ocean before," she says, "It's amazing." But maybe not as amazing as his gray eyes. "My name is Kelsey Bowman," she introduces herself.

"Chayton Hinto," he replies, and their hands touch. It's just a handshake, but her skin against his tingles with promise.

From the shore they hike together into the mountains. Chayton tells her about his life on the road; he's been traveling since he came of age, set on seeing the world. Kelsey is fascinated and a little nvious.

For moment it seems that he's run out of stories to tell, and they stand in silence, looking into each other's eyes.

Kelsey is not one to waste a moment like this and leans forward to kiss him gently.

"I came here just to see the ocean," she says softly, "But I've found something even more wonderful."

They hike back down to the shore to have dinner and a few drinks at the local watering hole by the beach.

"I'm leaving for Shang Simla tomorrow," he tells her sadly, "I wish I had met you earlier, that we could spend more time together."

"We have tonight," she whispers in his ear.

As the moon rises they head out to the beach to sit and watch the stars.

"Tell me about Appaloosa Plains," he asks, "I want to know where you're from."

Kelsey tells him about the colors of the hills, about the waterfall and the wild horses, about lizards and birds.

"I notice you don't mention the buildings or the people," Chayton says when she's finished.

"There are buildings and people in Appaloosa Plains, too," she says, "What do you want too know about them?"

"Nothing," Chayton says, "You are a lot like me. Most people will talk about buildings and people when they are asked about their hometowns. But you and I see places differently. We're free, unattached to the things that hold most people in place."

Chayton told her he spends most of his nights in a tent, but tonight he comes to her rented room.

"You could come with me to Shang Simla," Chayton offers the next morning when they wake up, "We could travel the world together."

"I would love that," Kelsey says wistfully, tempted to throw off her life, her family, to live on the road with him.

"But you won't," Chayton says, "I see it in your eyes. You have deep roots in Appaloosa Plains, you have a home you wish to return to."

"I have a son," Kelsey says, "I can't abandon him."

Chayton nods, "Maybe we'll travel together someday, maybe our paths will met again on life's road. But for now, we must part ways."

Kelsey wraps her arms around his waist, "You have time to make love to me once more before you go," she says.

"I'll make time," Chayton says with a smile.

Kelsey returns home with one souvenir, a snapshot she took of Chayton. She places it on her dresser along with her picture of Lukas.

She gets a new tattoo, another phoenix. Birds are a symbol of freedom; she used to choose them to mark her body because she believed she was free like they are. Now they serve as a reminder of the ties that bind her and the freedom she no longer has.

On her wanderings along the edges of town, Kelsey caught a falcon, and grew immediately too fond of him to sell him to the pet store. She names him Chayton.

As she settles Chayton the falcon on his new perch, she hears Chayton the man speaking behind her.

"I wanted to be with you," he says, pulling her into his arms. Kelsey feels faint, and closes her eyes. When she opens them, he's gone. It was just her imagination.

Kelsey of course has to share the story of her adventure with Aimee.

Aimee approves of hot vacation romances. "I should get out of town someday, myself," she says, "The men here are all boring."

"I think I'm pregnant, though," Kelsey confides in her friend.

"Note to self; when traveling, bring protection," Aimee quips.

Kelsey decides not to tell Aimee about her strange visions, hearing Chayton's voice, seeing him with her. Aimee would just make fun of her. It's probably just hormones, she reasons, and it will stop when she has the baby.

Kelsey has a daughter this time, named Sage.

That night, she has a vivid dream about Chayton, of making love to him in her bed. When she wakes, she can still feel his smooth skin beneath her, taste his tongue, hear his whispered words of passion. She lays in bed, hot tears rolling down her cheeks, moistening her pillow, until the cries of her waking children force her to get up.

Later that day, she gets a packag in the mail, a gift from Chayton, a doll he bought in Shang Simla. His letter tells her of the green hills there, the trees and the butteflies, and it tells her of how much he wishes she could be there with him.

At night, he calls her and tells her how much he misses her touch, how he thinks about her when he's lying alone in his tent. Kelsey takes the phone into her bed, and whispers to him about her own needs and longings. But she doesn't tell him about their daughter.

"If I told him about Sage, he'd feel obligated to come here. If he comes, I want it to be because he wants to be here with me, not because he has to," Kelsey explains herself to Chayton the falcon.

"Elfin magic?" Rory asks, laughing, "You aren't serious."

Aiden has decided to help his son on his chosen path and share with him the tricks his own father taught him, the escape dust and the teleportation spell. "I'm very serious, son. Our family...we have a rich and interesting ancestry. Now, when do we get to meet this wife of yours?"

"Alana's working tonight," Rory says, "The restaurant keeps her busy. On the plus side, we both work nights, so we have our days together."

"And how is living with your brother?" Aiden asks, his voice solemn.

Rory understands the meaning behind the question; he's a criminal and his brother is a cop. "You know Jacy, family is everything to him, more important that duty. If he knows anything, he stays quiet about it."

Logan becomes a child.

And Sage becomes a toddler.

Challenge Notes:

I used Twallan's Traveler mod to have Kelsey visit Redwood Harbor, a custom world by My Sim Realty.
It's an unoccupied world. I moved Chayton Hinto into it, and besides the bartenders and other service NPCs, he's the only inhabitant. Because I didn't see the point in populating the place and just bloating my save with extra Sims.
I know I'm not the only one to have problems with getting pregnant on vacation. Kelsey got pregnant while in Redwood Harbor, but when she got home she was not pregnant. I was not able to impregnate her with MC using Chayton as the donor. So I had to invite him over for a visit and get her pregnant there. So, the visions and dreams Kelsey has of Chayton are pictures from that visit.
So, that's Kelsey's two required children. Sage is the heir.
The roll for Gen 6 is Second Chance, 2 kids, primary career is Adventurer. The secondary careers are None for 1st partner and Artist for the 2nd. The goal is party to remember and Misc Fun is Tattoo Addict (again).
SP married Rory to a new immigrant to town, Alana Dozier. I wanted to get a pic of her, but she wasn't home when I sent Aiden and Tearney visiting.
Jinx's boyfriend Ted has become a YA and they still live together, no marriage yet. Jacy's high school girlfriend is still in high school, we'll see what SP does with that eventually.


  1. Ah, freedom. =( I hope Kelsey finds it someday.

  2. Oh. I also love Aimee. And I'm glad to see Aiden trying to help his son by passing on family secrets.

  3. Rory's conversation with Aiden made me laugh. Pretty sure he gets that reaction a lot xD.

    Sage and Logan are so adorable and I can't wait to see them as they get older. I wonder if Kelsey's visions of Chayton mean anything.

    Outtakes: Aimee's parenting fail just made my day. Pardon me while I go show it to my sisters and guilt them into making me lunch.

  4. Those Chayton scenes where Kelsey was having flashbacks, or daydreams, were so adorable! I can't wait to see her kiddos grow up; particularly Sage.