Monday, November 14, 2011

Chapter 30: Wild Thing

Hassan failed in his first attempt to rob this house. But, he did get into a fight with a really hot chick. So, he makes a second attempt on the house knowing that even the worst case scenario is still pretty good. As he approaches the windowed door, he sees a pair of shapely legs coming down the stairs. Yup, Hassan is getting some action tonight.

"You again?" Tearny growls at the intruder.

Tearney grabs him in a headlock, pressing him against her chest. It's all pretty win-win from where Hassan is standing.

Aiden meets Tennyson by the Equestrian Center where she and Dakota often bring their horse, Thunder, for training.

"I did some research," she tells her father, "I found my real mother. Caren Cruz."

Aiden's heart sinks into his stomach. "Are you going to meet her?" he asks.

Tennyson shakes her head, "I wanted to, but finding out about her meant I found our about you and Mom, and why you're in hiding here. You're Amit Archer, the son of a notorious thief, and wanted for breaking into the Sunset Valley Museum."

"I'm sorry," Aiden starts to apologize, for tearing her away from her mother, bringing her with him into exile and never telling her about it, but Tennyson lifts her hand to stop him.

"You did what you had to, Dad, I understand that. You and Mom, Tearney, gave us a great life here, and I won't do anything that might endanger you, including trying to meet with my birth mother. My kids will have something I didn't, they'll grow up in a place where they have roots, grandparents. I won't have them visiting their grandfather in prison."

"Grandkids?" Aiden perks up, "Are you...?"

Tennyson laughs, "Not yet, Dad, but Dakota and I do plan to have a family, sooner rather than later."

Rory becomes a teen.

"The limo is here!" Rory calls out to his older sister, "C'mon, or we'll be late."

"You better get a move on," Aiden says, "I'll finish this level without you."

"But I want to finish this level with you!" Kelsey protests, "Do I have to go to the stupid prom?"

Kelsey eventually puts down the controller and follows her brother out to the limo. Her best friend, Aimee Fox, is waiting for them outside. None of them have dates, so they are all going together dateless.

"It's so sad, sending them out to the prom with no dates," Aiden sighs, interrupting Tearney's painting. She's got another commission, this time for fifteen paintings to decorate City Hall. No doubt her friend the governor, Cheyenne Fox, had a hand in getting her the commission.

"I didn't have a date for the prom. I don't think I even went," Tearney quips.

"You didn't," Aiden confirms, "I would have remembered. I would have watched you like a hawk."

Tearney slits her eyes, "You're the reason no one ever asked me out, aren't you?" she  asks.

Aiden laughs, "I did my best, but no one ever took my threats seriously. You scared them all off on your own. You and your pet snake. And that crazy girl you used to hang out with? Maricela? A lot of guys thought you two were, you know..."

Tearney can't help but laugh, "Poor Maricela. She really was insane. I wonder how she's doing?"

They went to the prom without dates, but Rory ended up spending much of his time there with Regina Whipsnake, and very shortly after became an item. Kelsey and Aimee were not so fortunate, they spent most of the night making fun of the other girls' dresses.

Kelsey isn't too disappointed by her lack of a romantic life. She spends her free time wandering the outskirts of town, discovering the places where wild animals have taken over what Sims have abandoned.

Her affinity for animals is strong, and she much prefers their company to that of her fellow Sims, even her best friend Aimee.

Jinx becomes a teen.

As does her twin, Jacy.

Kelsey never put any effort into getting to know anyone at school besides Aimee, but Kelvin Marshall managed to win her over with his sense of humor.

He's much younger than she is, a freshman while she's a senior.

But age doesn't matter when you like someone, so she shares her  first kiss with him.

Unfortunately for her budding romance, Kelsey becomes a woman, and young Kelvin is still in high school, and out of her reach.

Kelsey graduates. She's voted "Most Likely to Take Over the World". That has to be a joke, right?

Unlike Tennyson, Kelsey doesn't have a boyfriend to move in with or any big career goals to pursue. She'scontent to continue with the life she lead as a teen, minus the required schooling. She spends her days wandering the outskirts town, fishing, watching the wildlife, and sometimes capturing small animals to sell to the pet store.

The African Grey parrot she decides not to sell.

She also adopts a new kitten, Rowley, from the shelter.

Rory has a birthday party.

Many guests, both invited and uninvited show up.

Rory becomes a man.

His girlfriend Regina aged up a few days before him. As soon as this party is over, he's moving in with her.

The Rocker trait shows itself in Aiden's daughters. Dakota and Tennyson are new parents of a so, Jason, who they didn't bring to the party.

It's awkward talking to Kelvin, her first crush. They shared their first kiss, but now that Kelsey's older, they can't be more than friends. He tells her he's been seeing Shauna Henessey, and Kelsey knows that it's for the best.

Tearney can't have a party without getting into an argument with someone. But she reins herself in before it comes to blows. Aimee Fox is her best friend's daughter and her daughter's best friend, and it just wouldn't be right to get in a fist fight with her. The party ends without anyone getting hurt, and the Bowman house is less one member as Rory leaves with Regina.

The next afternoon, Aiden gets a call from his former boss, Patricia Bedlington. "I'm calling in that favor," she says.

"What? Now?" It had been so long since he made his deal to get out of working for her that Aiden had thought she'd forgotten his promise.

 Patricia laughs, "A promise is promise, and I need you to do do something for me..."

Challenge Notes:
A reminder for Gen 5 rolls: Single Parent, 2 kids. Career is Animal Wrangler. Goal is Opportunist and Misc. Fun is Tattoo Addict.
Kelsey does have her first tattoo, but there isn't a pic of it in this chapter. There is one in Out Takes if you want to see.
Kelsey already got her LTW, the Zoologist, to catch 20 animals. That was too easy, I'll never take that LTW again.
Tearney and Aiden both got their LTWs as well.
Honestly, I think I might have missed a required fight or two for Tearney. I didn't have a set day of the week to do the fights on, mostly because Tearney's pregnancies would get in the way of scheduling a weekly fight on a specific day. So I did tend to lose track of time, not remembering if *this* week's fight had been done or not. And I started relying on the burglar to get it done, lol. Anyway, it's over now and Kelsey's gen has taken over.


  1. Kelsey's beautiful and I'm so excited for her generation!

    I was just so happy and excited during this entire chapter and then you had to go and throw in that phone call to Aiden at the end.

    D : Whyyyyyy?

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  2. Well, I hope Caren Cruz is at peace with the fact that her daughter was taken from her by a criminal.

    Kelsey is lovely. Jacy looks pretty cool too; and no, not just because of the hair, haha.

    The beginning burglar scene was awesome.

    Looks like Patricia got old. Can't wait to see what she's got up her sleeve.

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  4. LOL, Becky, I doubt that Caren is at peace with it. I can only imagine what a nightmare this has been for her (if time hadn't simply stopped in Brooklyn Heights when I moved on, that is). But, this is not her legacy, and she doesn't even appear in any of the screenshots. Tennyson looks just like her, though.

    Jacy is the most exact clone ofhis mother, with both hair and eye color and features. Rory and Kelsey both have most of Tearney's features, but their eye shape is a lot like Allyriane's. Which makes me wonder, as I only brought Tea and Amit over from BH, so I would have thought it impossible for their kids to inherit latent traits from the grandparents.
    Jinx has her father's eye shape, but definitely her mother's nose.

  5. Weird. O.O I have yet to turn on Twallan's grandparents-genetics, but I will for Mittens's kid. I don't remember where to find it right now though, heh.

  6. Ooh, can't wait to see what favour Patricia wants from Aiden and what will happen as a result

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