Friday, December 2, 2011

Chapter 40: Always Come Home to Me

Wherever you look in Shang Simla, there's a beautiful view. When Sage is busy searching for relics underground, Joffrey goes out with his camera to capture the stunning landscapes around him.

Skinny dipping in the hot tub is not as much fun when you're alone, but Joffrey can handle the solitude when Sage's adventuring keeps her away late. Sage has told him what happened to her firs marriage, and he's determined not to let it happen to his.

He does worry about her when he goes to bed alone after midnight, but he knows she can handle herself.

Zhan and Shen Su are not all offended to have their local ancient tombs infiltrated and pilfered; in fact, they are making a killing from Sage's work. Zhan has been most helpful to her, giving her information on where the best caves and hidden tombs are located.

It's easy to lose track of time when you're underground, and she feels the sting of remorse when she climbs into bed in the early morning hours, long after Joff has gone to sleep without her.

"I'm sorry I was out so late," she apologizes when they wake together.

"Stay out as long as you want," he replies, "But always come home to me."

Since he started training with Sage, Joffrey has taken up the pursuit of martial arts more seriously.

She's still his superior, and he learns a lot from sparring with her.

And from watching her take on other challengers.

After a day of sparring, nothing is better than a long soak in the hot tub.

During their long days and nights away, Joffrey had almost forgotten about MorcuCorp. But their travel visas will expire soon, and the couple begin to talk about going home.

Despite the fact that MorcuCorp has left them alone during this vacation, he isn't convinced they're willing to cut him loose, so he wants to go back to the house in Redwood Harbor alone to check in with them before going to live with Sage in her house in Appaloosa Plains. Sage agrees readily to the plan, glad to have the opportunity to spring the news of her engagement on her parents before she moves him into the family.

When the taxi drops her off from the airport, Sage is surprised to see Joffrey waiting for her by her front door. This isn't what we planned, she thinks, and how did he get here before me?

It's not until she's close enough to look into his eyes that she realizes what's going on. "You're not Joff..." she starts to say, but his hands are on her before she can finish. A sharp prick on the neck, and then the world turns black.

Joffrey stands outside MorcuCorp's house in Redwood Harbor. He's always loved the view of the ocean here. Soon, he'll have to contact corporate headquarters, but he's not sure yet what he wants to tell them, and he's not quite ready to relinquish the feeling of freedom his trip with Sage brought him.

"Joffrey Landgraab," a voice says behind him. Not the cold voice of a MorcuCorp operative, but also not a familiar voice.

Joffrey turns to face his visitor. "Who are you?" he asks, "Who sent you?"

"My name is Aymeri. I am Sage's great-grandfather," the man says, "No one sent me. I came of my own volition."

The man's distinct facial features, his nose, the strong chin, give every indication that he is indeed related closely to Sage. But, "Great-grandfather? You're younger than her parents," Joff points out the obvious paradox.

"I can appear as young or as old as I like," the man says, "Since my Allyriane died, I mostly do not appear at all. But I am ancient and immortal."

"You're...the dragon?" Joffrey gasps. There are things he's read in Sage's file that Joff scarcely believed were real. MorcuCorp is prone to chasing after all kinds of fantasies in their pursuit of power.

"Aye, I am. I'm the reason your brethren have taken Sage, and you are the one that lead them to her. It is up to us to rescue her."


  1. Wow! Another great cliff hanger! And what is joff a sweety! As long as she comes home to him.....I think i'm going to melt!

  2. I did wonder if Aymeri would keep him immortality. I saw no logical reason for him not too.


    You're my hero. <3

  3. Thanks!
    I actually had a moment where I was going to title the chapter 'Send in the Clones'.

    Back before I knew I had to move, I wasn't sure what I was going to do about Aymeri's immortality. Because outside of some really sentimental 'I'll die for love' thing, there was no reason for it. Tearney's forced move meant I didn't have to deal with it. And I'm really glad to be able to bring him back. =D

  4. YES! AYMERI! As becky said, I'm so happy you kept him immortal. I'm dealing with a similar problem in my legacy about some sims being immortal while others aren't so its nice to know others have been dealing with the same problems. Makes me feel more normal <3.

    I looooooove your writing. I have no idea whats going to happen and you've really made us care about Sage and Joffery. <3 I hope they get their happy ending.

  5. AYMERI! <3 I honestly squealed when I saw him...

    Poor Sage... If Joffrey was the same as he was initially, I'd laugh and tell him he got what he had coming... but now that we all know he's a sweetheart and soft at heart, not evil and conniving and using Sage, I feel bad :(

  6. Welcome back Aymeri, I hope he can hang around (or just pop back in from time to time)

  7. Great, great chapter cali!

    I'm so glad to see Aymeri back (he's one of my favorites) and I'm scared to see what happened to Sage. You have officially redeemed the name Joffrey for me (that is, until I re-read the novels). ; )

  8. I did NOT see that coming! I too was glad to see Aymeri again. Now I am rushing to the next chapter!