Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chapter 15: The One that Wasn't There

Hawke pays a visit to Li Feng and Quincy. His daughter had never shown much interest in music when she was growing up, but she's followed him into a career in the industry. Quincy went into science like his mother, but that's a surprise to no one.

Quincy smiles and nods indulgently  at his father-in-law when he tries to talk science with him.

When he's putting Allyriane in her crib for the night, Hawk suddenly feels his age.

Zhenzhen drops by, letting him know she's not in the least put off by gray hair and wrinkles. But Hawke has made up his mind and puts his foot down. "I'll never love anyone like I loved Sun," he explains, "Being with you has taken some of the edge off that pain, but it's time for you to move on, Zhen."

 Hawke spends the night with his piano. Music was his first love, but he'd neglected her through his youth. Now at the end of his life, he returns to her, begging her forgiveness.

Sunrise finds him soaking in the hot tub. Whatever regrets Hawke may have, he's not going to dwell on them now. Time is limited, and he's lost too much to pain and sorrow. The rest of his life is his to enjoy.

While Amelia is at work, Hawke takes care of Allyriane, taking her out to the park. Maybe he could have spent more time with Li Feng, but he can't do anything about that now. What he can do is step in for his grand-niece, whose own father is perpetually away.

Amelia goes to her bed that night and finds a surprise waiting for her.

"How do you just appear out of nowhere?" she laughs, jumping in to join him.

"Do you want me to explain, or do you want make love?" he teases. Amelia doesn't need to answer.

"Daddy's here for your birthday party," Tristan explains to his little sister. Birthdays are the only times they get to see their father.

Zhenzhen is a early arrival to the party. "I...I wanted to thank you," she says to Thierry, her voice halting, "If it weren't for you..."

"You've made peace with the family, Fox," Thierry hisses, "And I won't interfere with that. But I've given up too much in payment for what you've gained to ever see you as a friend."

Zhenzhen turns away. What answer could she give him?

"I brought Damian Archer with me. I hope that's okay," Zhenzhen tells Hawke, almost as hesitant to make this admission as she was to to try to make amends with the halfling. He's insisted that she find someone else, but her brief sojourn in the human realm has taught her that humans don't always say what they mean. They often don't even know what they are truly feeling.

Hawke smiles, "You're dating Rio's boy? Of course he's welcome here. And I'm happy for you, Zhen, I mean that."

Rio, as gray as his friend Hawke, was invited to the party as well.

Amelia made a point of starting the party early so her father would have time to spend with his grandchildren.

Allyriane becomes a child.

After the party is over and the children are in bed, Amelia and Thierry enjoy the hot tub.

"I don't mean to pressure you, but..."

"But you want to know how much longer I must be away," Thierry finishes for her, "Allyriane will be a teenager before Summerdream will release me." Amelia lets out a sad sigh. "I know it's hard, beloved," he whispers, wrapping his arm around her.

Amelia nods, holding back tears, "I can't blame you, I know why you did it."

"But the children don't understand. To them I will always be the one that wasn't there for them," Thierry speaks the words Amelia won't.

Thierry has another day to spend with his family. His cousin Gvaudoin brings her daughter Adele for a visit.

"I was hoping to broker a marriage between our children," Gvaudoin gets right to the point of her visit, "The purity of our line is at stake, cousin."

"Broker a what?" Hawke asks, stunned.

"Gvaudoin!" Thierry says sharply, his teeth clenched, "We aren't medieval royalty. We don't arrange marriages between children." Tricous do, of course, but Thierry would rather his wife's family not know this much about the twisted knot that spawned him.

"I'm sorry to offend, cousin," Gvaudoin draws back, "Just know that we would favor the union, should it occur. Naturally, of course."

Tristan and Allyriane entertain Adele, unaware of her mother's plans for their futures.

Amelia is also unaware of the conversation in the living room. The surprise visit was an excuse to try out the new grill.

Tristan's next birthday falls on the next Tuesday. His father is unable to attend, and his celebration is with just the immediate family.

Tristan becomes a teen.

But he's not too old to have a pillow fight with his little sister before school.

Challenge Notes:
Tristan is Over Emotional, Loves the Outdoors, Great Kisser and Friendly. Most of those are random. I gave both sibling Loves the Outdoors.
Allyriane is also Friendly and Loves the Outdoors. Her child trait is Family Oriented (her roll is for 4 kids, so...)


  1. D'aaaaw Ally and Tristan look great. And everytime Thierry shows up I can't help but smile like a goofball.

    Zhen and Damian will make fantastic children if they stay together.

    Also I think you're giving me an old man fetish. Hawk and Rio still look HOT. I am not impressed, Cali. Not impressed at all.

    One last note: I don't know why exactly, but theres something so beautiful about your paragraph where Hawk returns to his music. Its just so lovely. Makes me smile every time i re-read it.

  2. I agree with Cece, the picture of Hawke and the piano stood out to me, too. I think it's something about the way he and the piano frame the view of the city. It's a sad picture, too, since we know how much he's lost and how his life is drawing to a close.

  3. Ooh, the wicker chairs set looks so cool.

    *touches Rio's hair again* >.>

    Poor Thierry. =(

  4. Awwwww music makes the heart grow fonder :D xxxx